Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Forgotten Healing Secrets of Nature

Forgotten Healing Secrets of Nature

'my creeky bones
feel young again watching
old man river run'

Nature is our mother.  She cares for us and has always freely given us the secrets of healing.

Since the first humans walked the earth nature has been there sharing her healing powers with all life.

As a mother provides for her children, nature has from the first African plains' Australopithecus species four million years ago, given all life the necessities for a whole, healthy and fulfilled existence. 

During our nomadic existences communication with nature was inherently accepted as common place.  Through sight, sound, scents, tastes, touch and other senses humans 'listened' to earth sounds and communication of natural forces.  We were 'in-touch' and we were a part of all that surrounded us.  Just as a four legged creature eats grasses when sick, we humans too would turn to plants and substances of the earth and space when in need of healing.  This was the nomadic way of life for millions of years on our planet.

However with the advent of agrarian and then industrial lifestyles we gradually turned from being one with our source of being to thinking of human existence in a dualistic sense, one where we humans were separate and even 'better' than nature.  We forgot how to communicate with the original source of healing. 

Today humans live mostly alienated from that which we evolved.  Thanks to the many mythologies molding our thought processes since childhood humans have been trained to relegate the natural world to a chore, like mowing the lawn. We take for granted the earth around us.  We wait for something 'better' as the grass is always greener proverb suggests.

We no longer value the advice of the natural world.  Instead our generation understands mostly vibrations, noises and techno-sensual stimulations of the concrete urban jungle.

I think some of our high technology is wonderful.  The internet has expanded my understanding of the cosmos.  My mechanical heart valve and Dacron aorta have given me a chance at life where without I would not be alive today.

Yet it wasn't until I discovered the power of our forgotten communications with nature that I truly felt healed.

My body bionics kept me alive.  Communion with nature gave me true life.

Nature has taught me slowly.  She lured me into her wilds shortly after my second open thoracic event.  That day Judy and I sat under a massive live oak growing in a coastal hammock and I could literally feel rejuvenating power fill my body.

Over the years since Judy and I have tried to leave the house for the forests, beaches and swamps on a daily basis for healing purposes.  We may go out fatigued but always come back invigorated, infused with powerful communion.

Trying to think analytically after being on heart lung bypass can be at best tricky.  My brain was subjected to embolistic events during the process according to the neurologist.  So my explanation of how nature communicates these forgotten healing powers may sound simplistic or confusing. 

These more real than esoteric nature connections are powerful though.  And they have healed me in so many ways.  Even though the doctors still, to this day, tell me they are surprised I am alive.

Nature communicates her healing power through all of our known senses and then through others senses we have a hard time explaining. I think of this as both physiological and quantum communications similar to in the movie Avatar, connection with the Tree of Souls.

My journey of healing originated in a baptism of nature's energies.

When I am hiking in the wilds come the winds, the sunshine, the rains and earth connections. 

Surrounding me too are healing networks and complexities of an array of life forms.

There exist so many healing synapses with mother nature that I could fill a book with describing them all.

Some of the most primal but powerful are those connections formed from my interactions with water.

Many of my hikes are up in the beach dunes.  Not only is sand walking a healthy workout but the waves crashing into the seashore fill me with subconscious remembrances of nine months nurture, surrounded by water.  And I am reminded all life came from water.  Many even say 'water is life'.

Water imparts her healing powers with many approaches.  A gentle rain soothes while a hard rain cools, irrigates and gives pause to urban background static.  Fog inspires my imagination; snow cleanses and trickling creeks sing soothing music to my heart. 

But in front of the screen I lose these nature associations.  Note to self - spending nature time is investment in health so take the time to do it!

I've just scratched the surface of communication with nature here.

Hopefully we can explore other dimensions of communication with the natural world in future posts.  I'd like to examine how we interact with plants, with the earth, with the cosmos, water, fire, animals. 

My brain intuitively understands the truths of the Tree of Souls.

My challenge will be to figure out how to assign the appropriate words into sentences that share accurately the forgotten secrets of communication with nature we all have been given.

Stay tuned.