Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bioacoustics, Fakahatchee Strand Alligator Mating Calls

Alligator mating call in the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve.

We were hiking way back in the swamps around sunset when we came across a larger pond full of alligators.

Many were exhibiting mating behavior including loud vocalizations.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Florida Wildflowers, Original Block Print Presses

I've been framing up some of my 4" Florida wildflower block prints with color pigment added over the Cranfield black ink.

Framing Florida Wildflower Ink Presses

Here are three original presses; 2 Gaillardia pulchella and a Passiflora incarnata.

Gaillardia, Original Florida Wildflower Block Print

They are all available (60 each plus shipping), just PM or email me at here.

Gaillardia, Original Florida Wildflower Block Print

Florida native plants and wildflower nature art are my path to physical and mental health, all the while creating awareness about Florida's native ecosystems.

Passiflora, Original Florida Wildflower Block Print

Friday, February 26, 2021

Bioacoustics, Night Sounds in a Florida Coastal Wet Flatwoods Ecosystem

Night audio,11:30 pm to 12:30 am in the wet coastal flatwoods dominated by sawgrass, saw palmetto and pine. This Florida habitat is not a quiet place when the sun goes down.

Owls, raccoons, frogs (vocalizing and jumping into the water) and wading birds all in chorus in together. The background levels of 'noise' on my recorder were red lining most of the night even with the gain (volume) turned down.

This recording is part of an overnight recording from sunset Feb. 23, 2021 to morning Feb. 24. The recorder was attached to a tree in the cover photo and stereo omni micro mics with wind covers placed on opposing sides of the tree.

Audio calls and sounds vary by the hour, especially in the transition times around sunset and sunrise. This is the world in which I am so attracted to, raw nature filled with textures, colors and sounds.

Listening to the languages of nature inspires and heals. This clip is approximately one hour. I'll be posting other night recordings from this trip as I can process them.

Native plants provide host to an amazing world.

Sony PCM M10, Clippy 272 mics, windbubbles and a dry bag.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Bioacoustics, Steady Rain in Slash Pine Flatwoods (Pinus elliottii)

Here is another nature audio recording, this time of a steady but gentle rain in the open slash pine, Pinus elliottii, flatwoods.  

I've found there are a lot of differences in the way raindrops sound depending upon the types of leaf litter the raindrops strike.  For example, the soft sounds of rain falling upon pine needles is in contrast to the sharper striking of raindrops on dried Southern Magnolia leaves, Magnolia grandiflora.

The sounds of a morning rain on slash pine needles relaxes my body and 'washes' away any stress I may be carrying.  As a boy growing up in South Florida I used to climb the small treehouse platform in our backyard oak tree and sit in the rain.  There is just something soothing in those raindrops.

Another interesting tidbit I am learning as I experience nature sounds in addition to those colors and textures and scents I usually notice is that there are two types of 'foreign' noises I can hear regardless of how far out into the swamp or forest I am; the low frequency hum of far off automobile engines (airplanes too) carrying across the tree tops and also the noisy clicking of my mechanical aortic heart valve (no escaping that one).  

Enjoy the hour long rain event across soft beds of slash pine needles!  Sony PCM recorder in dry bag with a set of omni stereo lav mics wrapped in windbubbles. P.S. I am sold on the protective qualities of good lav mic covers such as the windbubbles.  To date my mics have stayed relatively dry with no rain damage even in prolonged rain events as long as they are covered with a good type of windbubbles.  To dry the windbubbles out after a spell in the storm I lay them on a folded up paper towel on my desk.  The paper wicks away the water and overnight they are dry and ready to go.  This too is a good way to discern the quality of your windbubbles for a good pair will not stain the paper towel with color dye.

Enjoy the sounds of rain in the Flatwoods!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Florida Wildflower Nature Art, Gaillardia pulchella Mandala

 Gaillardia pulchella, also known as 'blanketflower' is an aster family member frequently seen growing across roadsides, fields and vacant lots.  Here is my rendition of a Gaillardia Celtic Cross, on an aluminum disk.

Gaillardia pulchella Celtic Cross

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Bioacoustics; Raindrops and an Yaupon Holly Tree, Nature Sounds

 Enjoy this recording of early morning raindrops and bird songs in a Yaupon Holly tree, Ilex vomitoria. Sony PCM M10 and Clippy 272 mics.

Language of Nature & Humans Intertwined. Wind, Rain and Wind Chimes.

Here is a recording of the wind and rain in front of an approaching storm with the wind playing against a set of hanging wind chimes.  Sony PMC M10, Clippy 272 mics and windbubbles.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Recorder Drop Bag and Mics Set in PInes to Capture Sounds of Approaching Storm

 A cold front is pushing its way through the North Florida area and will bring with it winds and rain.  We are under a tornado watch.

Sony PCM M10  in waterproof drop bag attached to an understory tree among tall slash pines

I though the weather would create interesting recordings and set up a drop bag in the middle of an open area under a group of really tall slash pine.

The sounds of wind through pine needles and rain reduce my stress and replace any anxiety I might have with a sense of belonging, wellness and security.

R stereo Clippy mic with windbubble

L stereo Clippy mic with windbubble

Ellie Mae loves the rain too and she is snuggled up on the loveseat in between several warm pillows.

The drop rig is made up of an older Sony PCM M10 recorder, a pair of micro Clippy stereo omnidirectional microphones with windbubbles and a waterproof bag, all assembled together and attached to an understory tree in the pine grove.

Can't wait to hear the storm sounds! 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Bioacoustics, Nature Art and Light Drizzling Raindrops on Waterlilies; Piezo Mics

 Piezo hydrophone mic recordings of a light drizzling rain across littoral zone of a pond with waterlilies using a drop bag containing Sony recorder and stereo piezo hydrophone mics. 

The piezo mics open up new dimensions of nature sound for me as they measure audio vibrations that are travelling through the water and plant material rather than through the air, giving me a perspective of what the native fragrant waterlily Nymphaea odorata is experiencing.

Nature and native plant art therapy have been immensely successful tools in my PTSD management.  I also hope that by spreading awareness of native plants that these awareness efforts bring increased conservation and protection actions by all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Bioacoustics, Pinus Vibrations in the Wind

Placed a stereo piezo microphone into a lightning caused Pinus elliottii crevice during a windy day to record vibrations.  Mic was not exposed to wind.

Recording suggests the 'whistling' sounds made by wind blowing through the pine needles travels down through the tree.

I find noises and vibrations plants experience to be enlightening and inspiring.