About Kevin

Kevin founded MetroVerde over twenty years ago as a native plant, living wall and green roof nursery.

Unexpectedly, Kevin suffered a massive aortic aneurysm and dissection in November 2011 which nearly cost him his life.  Today Kevin no longer installs green roofs and living walls. He is however compiling all of the information gleaned over the decades of creating and studying tropical and shoreline living walls and green roofs to share here in his blog and maybe one day in a book.

Today Kevin focuses on living with a medically managed aortic dissection, root to foot. His passions and distractions include visual nature art, nature short verse, lifestyle and diet management for living with gallstones (ouch!) and writing about how to live a full and satisfying life even when faced with seemingly insurmountable chronic diseases.

He loves a daily adventure.

Kevin can be reached via his gmail account, kssonger@gmail.com.


Make sure your Green Roof system is Hurricane - Wind Turbine tested - not wind tunnel tested.  The MetroVerde extensive green roof was the first green roof system to be tested by the University of Florida's Civil Engineering Department with the large outdoor wind turbine system.  The green roof stayed installed without loosing but very little soil media, under 110 plus mile per hour steady winds.
MetroVerde, a Florida Green Roof and Living Walls Systems Company was founded in the early 1990’s by Judy Songer originally as Tu Mu Shui Nursery in Wakulla County, Florida.  Working with native and ethnobotanical useful plants for years, her work spread into urban permaculture, providing plants crucial for food, sense of place, fiber and cleaning of stormwater within the urban core.  We have found living roofs work best in Florida while living walls may not be suited here in Florida's uniquely harsh and windy climate.

Judy’s husband Kevin joins her in her love of plants.

With most horizontal space taken by asphalt and concrete in the cities, MetroVerde provides systems for plants to successfully grow on new or existing roofing systems.  These systems can be planted with designs developed by your landscape architect or designer and then installed by your General Contractor and/or Licensed Roofing Company.

Years of hands on work guarantees an understanding of what plants and system designs will work on your project.

We are LEED BG+C, Florida Master Naturalist and ISA Certified Arborists and Municipal Specialist. Kevin Holds the Juris Doctor degree with a focus in environmental and land use law from Florida Coastal School of Law.