Thursday, March 9, 2017

Growing Veggies On A Roof - Green Roofs For Urban Sustainability

Here is a pic of a marvelous little vegetable roof.
Rooftop Garden Growing Spring Mix Veggies - Urban Sustainability

The green roof is comprised of a waterproofing membrane of existing sloped (4:12) asphalt shingles, a layer of wind mesh, 20 mm of 96% inorganic soil media and lots of spring mix veggies!

The apparatus in the background is a vapor net installed to capture morning dew and hair water vapor.  The dew collector concept is quite simple but very effective and provides all the irrigation this little rooftop veggie garden needs.

Green roofs can be so simple is design yet so successful in contributing to urban sustainability!

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Adam Sharpley said...

This is a very nice concept, growing veggies on the roof top! I did grow veggies in my balcony in flower pots, but putting these flower pots, lots of them on a flat roof may increase the burden of the weight. This layer of wind mesh seems to be lighter, though I suspect it would not be so productive but still can give steady supply of some vegetables. Though I am not sure whether it can survive heavy rainfall or hail storm?