Monday, March 6, 2017

Backyard Aquaponics & Hydroponic Veggie Garden

We take our grandson to The Imaginarium in Fort Myers Florida on a weekly basis.  He comes away enriched mentally and good and tired physically.

Modular Aquaponics at the Imaginarium - Urban Sustainability for Small Spaces
On display outside the main building is a modular aquaponics unit.

Modular Aquaponics, Growing fish, herbs, vegetables and flowers on a DIY scale
I really like this set up for producing food.

The fish (tilapia) are raised in a good size aerated and elevated swimming tank.
Modular aquaponics - the fish have plenty of clean water thanks to the plants!

The water from the fish tank is then pumped into the hydroponic vegetable growing tray.

Urban sustainability, basil, greens, marjoram, lemon grass and more grown hydroponically
Overflow water from the vegetable tray is drained into a surge tank (with many of the nutrients removed by the plants).

Modular aquaponics, the surge basin captures overflow from the hydroponic growing area
The cleaned (by the plants/herbs/veggies) overflow water is then pumped back into the fish tank and the cycle continues.

This unit is a great example of intense food production made from available materials in a limited space.
Urban Sustainability and intense food growing in a system perfect for patios!

Urban sustainability is a direct result of creativity!

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