Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Propagating Green Roof Plants for Florida Green Roofs

Propagating plants for green roof projects here in Florida is an important component of a successful Florida GR project.

Knowing a plant was raised in the same ecotone where it will ultimately be used is important. This not only secures LEED credits for local material use (and other credits) but it helps in knowing the plant can survive local climatic conditions.

My general rule of thumb is that, here in Florida, a green roof plant should be grown no greater than 150 miles north or south f the project physical location - no general limit on east/west other than the local limits for LEED credit.

The roots shown on the succulent leaf here developed on their own, on a leaf dropped as mother plants were being pruned, a testament to the hardiness of plants. The above pictures also show the importance of saving pruned plant material for propagation - and in doing so being a good steward of resources.

Happy Green Roofing!

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