Friday, February 6, 2009

The Stress of Cold - Frosts and Freezes - on Florida Green Roofs

Tonight was the coldest night of the year with freezing temperatures reaching all the way down into south central Florida. It is still in the low to mid twenties in Jacksonville at 5:33 am.

Green roof plants have taken the brunt of the cold - sitting up on a roof, dessicated by the never relenting north winds, unprotected and exposed.

These same plants must survive in the extreme temperatures and humidity levels of the summer also.

I will be posting pictures later this weekend. Some of the plants are bit back and scarred, some may have died - but others are doing OK.

My favorite - Allium species - is a testimony to successful green roof never fails.

Post your results here too!

Happy Green Roofing - Kevin.


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Anonymous said...

The tree suffers from stress of cold it seems..
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