Monday, February 9, 2009

Raising Green Roof Plants from Seed - Green House or Ground? No - The Roof!

Tip for the day:

When growing Green Roof Plants from seed - if the destination roof is available for use - grow the seeds on the roof. You will be building acclimation into the plants as they grow and minimize transfer shock.

The plants will be familiar with the light levels, climate, winds and morning dews.

The pictures above are the recent Feburary hard freeze showing on seed trays placed on top of a soon-to-be Florida Green Roof! Once the seedlings are mature the mat and liner will be installed then the plants placed into their permanent Green Roof Home.

Happy Green Roofing! Kevin


Anonymous said...

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Roof Coatnigs said...

Very nice post. Well i 'll try to grow seeds on my roof.

Anonymous said...

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