Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Florida Stormwater Applicant's Handbook - Green Roof Rules pages 83 - 108

Posted here on the above link are the new rules proposed under the Florida Stormwater Rule.

We'll be discussing the rules and how they affect our Green Roof Industry.

Issues in the rule we will be exploring include:

* Irrigation is required on Florida Green Roofs,
* Fertilization is expected on Florida Green Roofs,
* Florida Green Roofs are to serve as a retention mechanism for stormwater treatment trains
* Florida Green Roofs and Cisterns are treated equally in the same section - shouldn't they be considered separate entities and systems?
* Recommended plant list includes those species that may represent a fire hazard under dought conditions.
* and other issues.

The stormwater rule is written from a stormwater perspective, calling some pioneer native plant species 'weeds'.

How do these issues potentially affect the Florida Green Roof Business?  Find out - stay tuned for a series of exploratory posts.

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