Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green Roof for Landscape and Parking Lots - cleaning and storing stormwater

Green roof concepts are not just limited to the top of a structure.  They can be adapted almost anywhere plants, water and a platform can be integrated.  

Referring to the term 'volumetric green' in the Urban Core - green roof technology can be adapted to provide habitat, clean stormwater, sequester carbon, produce oxygen and create beauty across the cityscape.

Ultimately, to be cost-effective, a best management practice must bring cost effectiveness to the table.

Maximizing site development potential by combining stormwater, green space and other site functions allows for green practices to be more readily implemented.

Below is a diagram of what we've done with the lessons learned from building lightweight green roofs however the 'roof' is actually a landscape cover for stormwater storage and recycling.

"Green Roof" over Rainwater storage, cleaning and recycling system

One of the aspects about plants we have come to realize is plants are efficient with uptaking nutrients - nutrients otherwise contributing to algae blooms and dead waterbodies. 

As site development becomes more constrained with respect to available space, stormwater and wastewater treatment can turn to green roof inspired, plant based systems as a method of sequestering nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, copper and other contaminants. 

Once sequestered, these pollutants may be removed through biomass harvesting and composted on-site for reuse in the landscape. 

Removing nutrients from the water cycle is the most efficient way of cleaning our water supply. 

Green roof technology applied to stormwater storage and recycling has many benefits.  Stored rainwater may be used for irrigation, flushing of toilets and more.
Combining landscape and rainwater recycling through green roof technology

Green Roof Technology applied to Stormwater Capture and Storage


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