Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Roofs Teach Us About Plants

We are always very focused on learning about how plants do on the ground and then using compiled data to determine what plants works best on green roofs.

Yet the reverse is true also!  We can take what we learn from green roofs and apply to ground level landscapes with stunning results!

Really cool when we learn from the Green Roof experiences about those plants who do well without irrigation and in extreme heat & desiccating winds.  Roofs are magnitudes more hostile than ground level planting areas.
Native Plants provide beautiful non-irrigated landscape
Species who have proved themselves on the roof are solid choices for most ground level landscapes.

And there are cost savings too!  
Here this planting is non-irrigated (the city approved zero irrigation) yet we have a tropical, lush look from two great native plants, Adam's needle and Little Bluestem. The soil prep was special and heavy pine straw mulch applied. Very green in many ways!  For more on this native plant install click here.

Understanding Green Roofs and Green Roof plants pays many dividends.

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