Thursday, April 5, 2012

Urban Rooftop Permaculture, Bringing Organic & Healthy Food to the Urban Core

"Gene manipulated corn fields feed people"

The above comment was a response this morning to one of my suggestions rooftop permaculture can help.  It is really sad because some truly believe this.

Fortunately - people around the world are beginning to grow their own food, on patios, in windowsills and on rooftops in the Urban Core.  I believe rooftop permaculture and vertical permaculture is well on its way to replacing the old and becoming the new frontier in volumetric and rooftop green.

Green Roof Rooftop Permaculture - Brassica

Green Roof Vegetables - Broccoli
The broccoli here were pulled from the roof garden this week.  We had the Brassica growing in 4" of light weight highly organic composted and very well drained soil on a 4/10 slope.  You can see just how the vegetables became with no additional fertilizers and zero pesticides and herbicides.

Understanding permaculture principles and integrating those maxims into rooftop gardens can pay off with substantial results.  Organic greens, which cost four or five dollars at the market can be grown in masse on a small roof plot from an inexpensive packet of seeds.
Unfortunately, large corporations view rooftop permaculture and the citizens taking the task of feeding themselves back into their own hands as a serious threat to profits.

But I reject the above statement that "Gene manipulated corn fields feed people" as the only successful approach.

Many people may want to eat GMO corn products.  Yet I believe a large portion of the population may not want to.

So I see a grassroots movement arising to support rooftop permaculture, one where common people can make nutritional decisions for themselves rather than having the State or a Large Multi-national Corporation do so.

Check out just how big the Brassica grew.  Look at the root architecture.  We planted them close together to brace against wind issues and ate the greens daily. The plants adapted to the 4" soil (100mm) dispelling the myths of need for deep dirt to grow.
ECHO, see is a great resource for rooftop permaculture practices, tips and design guidelines from a cost-effective approach.

Our $2.00 worth of seeds provided a daily bunch of organic greens and broccoli tops that would have cost US $ 5 in the store for six months.  As I see it the numbers work out to be close to $1000 savings in food costs, not to mention the health benefits.  That is just for organic broccoli alone.  Add the collards, mustards, sugar snap peas, pok choy, turnips, potatoes, tomatoes and the benefit of fresh air and gardening companionship and one can easily see the economic advantage.

No thank you to GMOs and to the outdated, stale industry guru's that are old news.

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