Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trees = Living Wall, Urban Greening in Small Spaces

You can add an amazing amount of vertical green in very small city spaces.
Living Wall using containerized fruit trees

Smaller urban trees can serve to shade walls, provide habitat, produce food, clean stormwater and so much more.  And the concrete does not have to be busted up to allow the trees to grow and prosper.

The photos included here are of a very small lot in a small urban core (downtown) trailer park.  The owner has created a living wall/forest with food trees.  Citrus, figs and fruit trees line the western exposure wall of the trailer.
Florida Living Wall, Urban Greening in small spaces using trees

If even a small portion of all the trailers, small houses and apartments with balconies create living walls from containerized plants, we'd see such a huge improvement to Urban Core air quality and heat island effect while butterflies, bees and dragonflies swarmed about.

Scaleability and cost effectiveness are huge components of a successful Urban Core Greening program.

We can all learn from this example, go home and do the same, creating a living wall with containerized citrus, fig and fruit trees.


David The Good said...

This is excellent - great post.

Another benefit I see in containerized fruit trees is that you can zone-push and grow tropicals you'd never dare to try in the ground. I love it.

garage equipment said...

This is the good example that even in a small spaces we can plant small trees that can help to have a green surroundings. These plants help to lessen the pollution. That's why even we are on the city we need to plants specially if we have enough space.

Roofing Social Circle GA said...

Very innovative use of greenery, thanks for sharing! How good was the fruit that came out of those trees? It seems like they were a little constricted by the wall I hope that didn't affect the fruit.