Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reduce Blood Pressure & Aorta Dissection Occurence with Watermelon

Over time we will blog here about how many foods affect blood pressure.  Of course, the higher the systolic and diastolic readings, the more likely a myocardial infarction, ischemic event or dissection can occur.

Watermelon is easy to grow and supports cardiovascular health!

Keeping blood pressure below 120/ 70 should be a priority!  I like to see mine run 110/60, especially  with Marfan Syndrome and a completely dissected descending aorta.

Of course medications always help to keep blood pressure low, but I have found that by including watermelon in my diet it is much easier to reach those target metrics.  This is especially helpful if I am traveling and end up eating more processed or salty foods than I'd like to.

Besides, there is nothing better than an ice cold slice or chunk of watermelon.  Good for the kidneys too!

Check out an article about Florida State University's research into how watermelon reduces blood pressure here.

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