Monday, May 20, 2013

Urban Green for Cardiovascular Health

Unfortunately I am having a very difficult time writing anymore, as you can see from the frequency of my posts.

Florida Urban Permaculture Garden by Judy - compost, plant a seed & grow food

Many of you are aware, but for those that are not, I 'encountered' an Type A aortic dissection that started with an aneurysm in my aortic root and split the aorta down through my chest, into my abdomen, into my kidney and down through my leg into my foot.

I am really supposed to be gone.  However there is more work to do first.  There are lots of opportunity for the world to plant Urban Green and benefit greatly with respect to cardiovascular health, and overall health in general.  On those days I can get out of bed, I am here to encourage you to plant!

Florida Urban Permaculture Garden by Judy -Mix flowers and veggies for pollinator attraction

Urban Green can translate into excellent quality of life and strong longevity for a city's general population.  Thank God I have a wife who's passion is plants, for I cannot anymore garden with my health as it is.

And you can do it!  There is no real secret to good permaculture practices.

All it takes is the time to plant a flower or vegetable or fruit tree or other plant - anywhere!  On a patio, balcony, windowsill, in your gutters or on a rooftop!!!

Florida Urban Permaculture Garden by Judy -sandy soil works too - with LOTS of leaves and compost!

You don't need a big farm or a big yard to bring Urban Green back to the Urban Core. 

Over the next couple months, as I can type, my thoughts on why Urban Green is so important to cardiovascular health are going to be the topic.  We'll be sharing all of what we learned on why it is so easy to create Urban Green & why it is so important cardiovascular-wise!
Florida Urban Permaculture Garden by Judy -cooking herbs, rosemary & garlic chives growing close to front door

Hope you join us on this journey into health for the body and health for the entire world!

P.S.  I am looking to the garden for my healthy diet that will help heal what most say is non-healable.  But we shall see..........

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hanna said...

Hi, do you have a plant like this saw palmetto? Since my mom moved in our house she insisted that it is better to plant saw palmetto in our front yard. Can you provide some information about it? I think my mother love it so much and it looks like we have plenty of useful plant for medicinal purposes. Thanks :-)