Sunday, February 16, 2014

Green Roofs Design for Coastal Projects, Florida Green Roofs

Just a quick note this morning.  Nature is the very best teacher about all things #GreenRoofs.
Learning Green Roof Design - mimic Mother Nature, learn from Her
We are working on the design of a green roof for a structure along the seashore.  I learn so much from each site we work with; yes, from the site itself.

Spending time sitting, walking, watching, listening, hearing, feeling, understanding your project's surroundings and immediate ecosystem is one of the best ways to understand the design variables you must consider when planning for a green roof, regardless of the project's location.

Book learning is always good.

But knowing your site is better.  Sit and watch the wind blow through those plants growing on your project's site.  Get a feel for how the sun shines on each different species.  Look for water impacts and sources.

Nature is the very best #GreenRoof teacher around, and best of all she does not charge tuition, she just requests you listen, smell, touch, taste and embrace.

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