Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cypress Dome Collection Giclée on Canvas by Kevin Songer

The Florida Primitive Cypress Dome collection represents approximately a year of work.  First let me say cypress domes are one of my favorite Florida habitats.

These domes are a collection of bald and/or pond cypress trees growing in a damp or wetland area, each competing for sunlight, reaching higher and higher above the next tree, creating an amazing dome shape.

Cypress domes provide habitat for a variety of migratory and wading birds, orchids, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and a host of vines, shrubs and trees.  Biologically speaking cypress domes are extremely diverse.

The three cypress domes included in the collection include; Dark Night Gator Pond (7.5" x 22"), Cypress Pond Fire (7.5" x 22") and Cypress Pond Splendor (7.5 x 25").  Each is Giclée on professional grade canvas.

The Florida Primitive Cypress Dome Splendor is a collection of Florida native wildflowers and plants.  Included in the art are; Roseate Spoonbills, several grass pinks (Calapogon app.), climbing aster, bacopa, wax myrtle, saw palmetto, muscadine, muhly grass, shiny blueberry, spotted bee balm, bracken fern, st. john wort, sabatia, joe pie weed, pulchea, Catesby lily, xyris, cattails, gallberry, scarlet hibiscus,  lizard's tail, sabal palm, sawgrass and much more.
The Florida Primitive Collection Cypress Dome Splendor brings memories of the magnificence of late spring-summer Florida wildlife and wilderness.

Florida Primitive Cypress Dome Splendor, Giclee on Canvas

The Florida Primitive Collection Dark Night Gator Pond focuses on American alligators and alligator snapping turtles swimming in the moonlight filled Florida cypress pond, full of calling tree frogs.

Florida Primitive Dark Night Gator Pond

The Florida Primitive Collection Cypress Pond Fire highlights late spring fire season where thunderstorms not only bring afternoon rains but lighting strikes and regenerative fire.
Florida Primitive Cypress Pond Fire
Each of these Florida nature art pieces are part of a limited production run and are individually numbered and signed by Kevin Songer.  Production is limited to fifty glicée on canvas per title, sized per the above specifications.  Custom sizing may be available on special request.

Florida Cypress Domes are an amazing part of the disappearing Florida wilderness landscape.  Bring this beautiful natural Florida habitat wonder into your home or office with these Florida Primitive Collection Cypress Dome giclée on canvas works of art.

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