Sunday, January 29, 2017

Urban Green With Simple Living Walls and Green Roofs

As I deal with a chronic cardiovascular disability that could end my life at any moment I have lots of time to reflect on Urban Green.
Simple Florida livingwall with plants grown into base fabric & attached to wire frame.

With a 24% heart output function I tire easily and so am either in a chair or bed most of the time.

Fortunately my mind whirls around Urban Green Concepts.  Especially after midnight when my mechanical heart parts end up making such a loud racket!

So I am going to try and push out these ideas for others to take and run with.

I've tried this before and usually fatigue gets the best of me.  Considering fatigue and long, detailed posts I am going to shift gears and go to shorter, frequent posts.  We shall see.

Firstly I recommend understanding of immediate environment, simplicity and use of native plants.

You must know the immediate environment if you expect to create an ongoing ecosystem capable of surviving in the environment.

Second forget the bells and whistles.  Simplicity is best.  Mimic nature if you can.

Finally though exotic landscape plants make great temptations for green roof and living wall use, your best bet is to use local native species.

OK.  Thats a start.  More #greenroof and #livingwall notes tomorrow.

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