Saturday, May 28, 2022

Florida Hemp, Leaf Miner Damage & IPM

Florida Hemp exhibiting leaf miner damage

 Leaf miner damage in #hemp leaves. Leaf miners are collectively a group of insects whose larvae 'mine' interior of leaves where minimal cellulose is encountered & where larvae are protected from predators. Many leaf miner species we see in our #hemp cultivation area are members of the moth, Lepidoptera, order. Leaf miner damage to hemp occurs via reduced overall plant photosynthesis & also from fungal & viral infections introduced into the plant through the leaf miner tunnels inside leaves. We use a combination of #IPM methods to control leaf miners including; bird feeding stations, yellow sticky cards with solar night lights, native plant companion plantings, lure plantings and occasional Neem or Spinosad spray applications (both organic approved). #integratedpestmanagement absolutely works best for our #FloridaHemp growing. #ArendellHillNursery #CBD #CBG #Fiber #FreshFromFlorida #Permaculture #Organic

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