Sunday, October 12, 2008

Florida Green Roofs project - should we use a pre-vegetated mat or install mat then seed/plant?

Great Question! The answer is you can do either! Sometimes it is the logistics that dictate the appropriate option to use.

Pre-vegetated mats are heavier and if they are to be carried up to the top of a tall building, then the transportation can be difficult. Typically, pre-vegetated mats are cut into standard sections then stacked on a pallet. You must first determine that adequate access exists on the project site - consider the size of the pallet, size of elevators, etc...

Installation from scratch is applicable in instances where there is no practical way to carry the pre-vegetated mats to the roof. There are also other instances where you might want to consider installation from scratch. Consult Judy at MetroVerde if you want to discuss what is right for your application.

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