Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Florida Green Roof Project - THE MAT !!!!

One of the basic principles of a successful green roof is the base mat. Mats are the preferred green roof base system for Florida Green Roofs - as we have discussed countless times before here. The reason is simple - the roots in plants secured in trays or modular components eventually reach the tray walls and begin to circle around, eventually strangling themselves to death - remember going to the nursery and buying pot or root bound plants - they did not live long....

Welcome to the mat episode...the mat was delivered today! We will unroll it, flatten it out and begin adding the expanded clay, other non-organics and the tackifier (agar based). Sound complicated? Naw.... Watch for the next episode - to be posted later tonight after we do the above tasks! Happy green roofing - - Kevin :)

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