Friday, July 24, 2009

Green Roofs in Florida and Irrigation. Is irrigation really necessary for green roofs in Florida?

Here we go again! The draft stormwater manual compiled by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection states that 'Green Roofs in Florida must be irrigated.'

The above statement is simply incorrect and is not a statement we should be hearing from the agency stressing xeriscaping and water stewardship!

I am immediately shut off when I even bring up the topic by many.


I don't know but it is true - Florida Green Roofs can prosper and thrive even without irrigation.

The roof above has done so beautifully! And in-fact is growing water loving sedges this summer (though I imagine they will die when the dry winter hits) - I suppose birds or the wind dropped seed.

Choose your plants wisely. Plant green roofs to survive without irrigation. Be water wise!

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