Friday, July 17, 2009

Life on a Green Roof is Ever Evolving and Constantly Changing - Dynamic Life Cycles of Florida Green Roof

Each new day brings new lessons and data on our Florida Green Roofs.

Our green roofs here in Florida change every day and teach us new lessons each day.

After more than five years of watching plants on roofs I never saw Bahia grass take hold and start to thrive on a vegetated roof. Certainly during the hot drought of February, March and April 2009 here in Jacksonville the grasses didn't show their blades - but today - after a month of steady afternoon thunderstorms there are grasses colonizing portions of our New Florida Green Roof over the detached office building.

I never saw it before and all of a sudden it is here.

Surely with winter it will die back - but the seed heads are full of seed.

We will see if Bahia comes back next spring.


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