Friday, July 23, 2010

Amazing Green Roof Plants - Plants For Florida Green Roofs

It is the time of year where the sedums and other succulents really suffer here in Florida.  It is concerning to have watched the sedums flourish through the winter drought and cool spring then develop rot.  Unfortunately the daily high humidity found in Florida at this time of the year creates serious pressure cooker like situations on a roof - steam - heat - water.  Most succulents will not survive the summer humidity, and in fact if there are too many on a roof, they will create an area that breeds deseases that can affect other green roof plants.

The moral of the story here is to use a blend of plants - the picture here is of our low leaf littter, low volatile oil containing grasses.  These plants have been raised in greenhouses for over a year with timed watering of 1" per month.

Choosing the right green roof plant will ensure your Florida or Southewastern Green Roof's success.  Call Kevin at 904-294-2656 for details.

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