Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Irrigation and Green Roofs, Green Roof Plants and Summer Heat

Green Roof Temperature Data

Summer is here and it is hot on the roofs!  Check out the data below we collected this week.

 Using an Extech IR Thermometer AN200 we measured the surface temperatures for portions of the Florida Green Roof, surface temperatures on plants growing in the adjacent ground and then surface temperatures of non-vegetated roofs.  Readings are an average of July 26th, 27th and 28th taken hourly.  Several items stand out.  The green roof agave leaf surface temperature reached 149 degrees F.  That is alot of heat to subject a plant to.  There was significant difference between the decking below a green roof and the decking below an asphalt shingle roof.  The flower on the hibicus growing in the ground, though a brighter color was generally cooler than the leaf on the same plant.  We are collecting additional data and will be publishing our conclusions in the next couple days.  For more information call Kevin 904-294-2656.

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