Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rooftop Ethnobotany - Serenoa repens - Tropical, Native, Medicinal Green Roof Plant!

Serenoa repens - Cemetery Green Roof Ethnobotany
Green Roofs in a cemetery!  Tomb it may concern - check out the Serenoa repens atop the mausoleums in NOLA.

Serenoa repens, also know as saw palmetto is a tough plant - resilient to drought, flooding, hurricanes and possesses an extremely tough root system.

Wikipedia has an informative webpage about Serenoa - click here and the Wikipedia page will open in a new window. 

Serenoa repens - Cemetery Green Roof Ethnobotany  
Serenoa is one of the most prolific native plant species found across the southeastern US. 

A wonderful medicinal plant, the Serenoa berries have been used for centuries to help reduce prostate inflammation and urinary tract infections due to the content of fatty acids and phytosterols found in the fruit.

Consider using Serenoa repens on your next nature-irrigated vegetated roof...

Happy Green Roofing!

Serenoa repens - Cemetery Green Roof Ethnobotany

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