Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegetated Roof Installation for 4:12 Standing Seam Metal Roof

Vegetated Roof systems can easily be adapted to metal standing seam roofs.

Because the vegetated mats are monolithic - an integral unit - and not comprised of individualized smaller modules, the system offers considerable "uni-body type" strength.

Vegetated mat systems are attached to the standing seam metal roof with roofing screws and washers.

MetroVerde Vegetated Mat Design for Standing Metal Seam Roof
Included here is a typical design sheet for a standing seam metal roof with a vegetated mat overlay component - designed for Florida's 5 H's - Hurricanes, High Humidity, heat, Hard Freezes and High Winds!

A membrane/liner is used to separate the vegetated roof system from the standing seam roof panels.

Low VOC adhesives are used when necessary and the standing seam roof ridge-cap and end trim cover any loose mat ends.

Finally, as the plants grow - the plant root systems criss-cross through the mat, interweaving themselves into the mat and with other roots, creating a strong panel of plants and locked into place soil.

As always, Florida Friendly plants or native species are recommended for planting - and in particular - Carbon Pirate plants by MetroVerde are also recommended.

Email us with your questions or comments and Happy Green Roofing!

P.S.  Stay warm today!  Brrr.. it is 30 degrees F here in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) this morning - a chilling negative 1 degrees Celsius.

On a side note - we have come up with a nice, computerized and remote type temperature and humidity data sensing and logging system at a very cost-effective price.  These weather and climate data logging systems will become part of new installations on an ongoing basis.

We hope over time to be able to provide data demonstrating exactly what effects the lightweight MetroVerde vegetated roofs have on building systems.  So if the air temperature is a  chilling 30 degrees F (-1 C) we will be able to tell how much warmer (or colder) the underlying roof system is.

Same holds true for the summer.  If the surface temperature of the roof is 120 F (49 C) then how much warmer or cooler is the underlying roof system.  We expect these values to also change with climatic and weather changes.

Stay tuned!


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Brian said...

My friend also have a vegetated roof where she plants her herbs and spices, but due to it being on the third floor, she had someone install a fall arrest lifeline and fall arrest roof anchors to protect anyone upstairs from a fall from the roof, since accidents might happen, and that is the right way to prevent it.