Saturday, January 29, 2011

Biodiversity and Food Green Roof Project for Habitat, Education and Research

Breaking Ground Contracting is a leader not only in sustainable construction but also in sustainability education (the BGC educational blog is a great educational resource).

As they remodel their corporate office, the project is on track for LEED Platinum certification.

The building roof will house an extensive array of solar PV panels and an extensive green roof with native plants for biodiversity and permaculture food plots for educational purposes.

In fact, the entire building will be an educational example of just how true sustainable construction practices can be accomplished on a cost-effective basis.  Wooden wall and ceiling timbers and boards were carefully removed, nails pulled and reused, the concrete block walls preserved, insulation added and much more.  Computer systems will monitor and measure the sustainability characteristics of the office and these data will will be made available to students to learn about green building practices.

We are working with Breaking Ground Contracting on their exciting green roof design and installation.

The roof will be accessed by a exterior spiral staircase as shown here.

Breaking Ground Contracting - Green Roof and PV Access Stairway
The solar PV panel frames are pictured below.

BGC Solar PV Panel Array Frames

The MV extensive vegetated roof will be constructed using a combination of Colbond mats over 60 mil Firestone TPO.  The roof TPO layer will be protected by an additional sacrificial 60 mil TPO layer.

Firestone TPO layer will support Biodiversity and Permaculture Green Roof

In preparation for the installation that will occur in February 2011,  food permaculture and native plant pre-vegetated mats were begun.  The photo below is of a woven and calendered mat.  The mat is filled with a green roof soil media specifically designed for the BGC site and locale.

Green Roof Planting Mats Prepared for Native and Food Species

The Breaking Ground Contracting building will also include innovative living walls and a rain garden/bio-swale system to reuse site runoff and rainwater,

We will be posting photos as the project proceeds.

As always, your questions and comments are appreciated!


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