Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fog, Dew & Green Roofs for Biodiversity & Habitat

Plants Capturing the Dew - Nature based Irrigation for Green Roofs
We are headed to St. Augustine today to take photos of a couple older well established nature type green roofs.

Will post photos later today.

Walking by a portion of my green roofs this morning I noticed thousands of dew drops, like crowns on leaves and had to snap a photo. This is what taking advantage of nature based irrigation is all about. Using and arranging plants to capture what nature offers.

And while I was up on the roof shooting the photo I noticed a feather. on a parsley plant. Two doves, a mating pair, have been recently using portions of the vegetated roof for nesting and foraging.

Biodiversity, food and water conservation.

Habitat and Dew.

Green Roofs at their finest!

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