Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Florida Biodiversity & Permaculture Green Roof Project - Getting Started, Breaking Ground Contracting

The Green Roof for the Breaking Ground Contracting project in Jacksonville has begun!

Today the roofing contractor will be finishing the edges of the TPO.  Once the edges are sealed and the gutters up the drainage stabilization mat will be attached to the TPO.

The TPO is 80 mil and has a 2" drainage slope from the center towards the east and west edges.

Roof level view of BGC Green Roof Pad

The Breaking Ground Contracting green roof will support rooftop permaculture, native wildflowers and grasses and other endemic species and Florida Friendly Landscaping (drought tolerant) plants.

BGC Walkway to Green Roof, Solar & HVAC to left

Recall wind and light are the two most significant green roof design variables.  We call them primary design variables.  The wind and light summary chart is as follows.

MV GreenRoof Primary Design Variable Chart

Following the design principles we've been discussing here, the wind exposure is primarily from the south.  The following roof grid summarizes wind and light exposure.

BGC Green Roof Primary Design Schematic - Wind & Light Impacts

A green roof and rooftop permaculture mission statement is in development progress and plant layout proceeding based on design parameters.  Follow us as we proceed through the rood assessment into design and then installation.

Feel free to email us with your questions and we are always happy to receive comments.

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