Monday, March 21, 2011

Simplification, Bamboo and the Florida Urban Permaculture Farm

Am trying my best to simplify.  This week is my birthday week and I've been on a healthy diet for the last six months - ever since my last stomach operation.  I am convinced I can reverse all the damage with a steady diet of organically grown greens, fresh air and urban permaculture.

Urban Farm Florida - Bamboo Chopsticks, Rocket Flowers & Cilantro!

So this week I am going to eat only what grows on our Urban Farm lot here in Jacksonville, supplemented with my favorite snack - herring.

I've really put forth the effort to simplify lately, passing along an entire truckload of tools I'd accumulated to my son Adam yet I still have a massive amount of 'stuff'.  I want to simplify down to the bare minimum.  

Recognizing my non-sustainable habits has been a learning experience.  I had always thought nothing of grabbing a clean drinking glass from the kitchen cabinet when thirsty and putting it into the sink.  Yet all those glasses and dishes add up to a cumulative carbon footprint with running the dishwasher, hot water, soap and then the human factor - all the hours of loading and unloading the dishwasher.

So I start my week with a new resolve.  I am eating only from the urban farm - we have lots of veggies growing and then for protein supplement - my herring.

The real test will be at night when the 'sugar' urge kicks in.  I'll be making a bee-line for the sugar snap peas probably.  

Finally, in conjunction with the simplification and eating locally, I am adopting chop-sticks made from bamboo growing here as a permanent replacement for silverware.

I'll post daily to let you know how the week long personal sustainable project is coming! :)

Enjoy the photo of the home-made chopsticks, home-grown rocket flowers and fresh urban farm cilantro!  BTW - delicious!

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