Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Roof Removal - Exploring Underneath Seven Year old #GreenRoof

We recently removed a living roof installed in 2005 over a sloped asphalt shingle roof here in Florida to accomodate a new project.  Of course I was very interested to see how the underlying shingles had fared for approximately seven years under a heavily used green roof supporting rooftop permaculture (tomatoes, allium and more).

Not surprisingly, the asphalt shingles looked as new as the day the living roof was installed in 2005.  Green roofs protect underlying roofs from ultraviolet rays and sun damage, effectively extending the roof life by years.

Green Roof plants removed in preparation for roof removal
Mat is lifted from the roof, exposing the roof barrier

Interesting root architecture, showing green roof plant root reach 

Roof is sloped with 5/12 drop

Root barrier is in excellent condition

Asphalt shingles appear like new, well preserved under the green roof

Green Roofs help preserve underlying roofs, extending functional life by years!

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Irwin Floto said...

In addition to the many wonderful benefits of a green roof, it also serves as a protective shield by blocking UV rays and heat from the sun thus prolonging your roof's life. Truly, green roofing is such a worthy investment.