Thursday, March 8, 2012

Florida Permaculture, Time for Ocimum and Solanaceae Seeds to be Covered with Soil

Spring is here to stay in Northeast Florida.  Sure we will have a few more cold snaps but with daily temperatures warm enough to begin heating our pool water, the basils and peppers are ready to sprout!

Sprouting seeds is so much more of a cost effective way to grow your own vegetables and fruits.  Judy and I were in the Wal-Mart yesterday.  Amazingly, the seeds were hidden way back in the rear portion of the garden center, far away from the main aisle view.

72 Count Seed Trays, Potting Soil & Seeds for Permaculture
Surprisingly, there was a fifty cent (USD) seed rack alongside the more expensive two dollar packages.  I purchased several envelopes of tiny black seed (Genovese and Spicy Globe) and cilantro.

You can never have enough cilantro and basil during the spring, summer and fall (and winter for that matter).

Solanaceae - the Peppers are Sprouting!!!
We start seeds in seventy two count plug trays,  mostly mixing the seed starter mixes ourselves.

Usually the plants sprout only in a matter of days costing us only pennies apiece for mature plants once grown.

We've found that wooden popsicle sticks and a Sharpie Marker,  readily available through craft stores make perfect biodegradable plant labels.

Wooden Popsicle Sticks make perfect labels for plants
Ultimately, plants are the very best inventory a n individual or business could ever have as they only increase in value over time.  Save and reuse our trays.  Recycle soil and be sure to compost!

Be sure to recycle our trays and permaculture materials

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