Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Pickled Okra Recipe - Florida Permaculture Garden

Some food traditions are hard to beat.  One of those here in the South is pickled okra.
Grandma's Pickled Okra Recipe

I love pickled okra.  My wife, Judy loves pickled okra.  My teens, Jincy and Ruairi especially love pickled okra.

Something about the texture and taste that turns a full jar into an empty jar within a matter of seconds.

Buying pickled okra here is expensive.  Most supermarkets carry the treat but charge three, four or five dollars per jar.

Fortunately however, okra is easy to grow and just as easy to pickle!

Okra originated in Africa, probably somewhere near present day Nigeria. Referred to as Abelmoschus esculentus by botanists, okra came to the new world on Middle Passage voyage ships.  Known by other names, such as gumbo and quimbombo, okra is found today growing across the world.

Burgundy Okra, Florida Permaculture Garden

In fact, we have more okra growing in the Florida permaculture garden than any other food plant and the plants produce significant quantities of pods.

So when the other day Mom sent me my Grandma's Miami, Florida pickled okra recipe I just had to make a batch.  Picking a bowl of okra and banana peppers out of the garden, I peeled a couple cloves of garlic, added dill seed and salt and heated white vinegar.  Soon we were feasting on the most delicious pickled okra I've ever eaten.

It was great to see my Grandma's handwriting once again too!

Grandma Belle's Pickled Okra Recipe 

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