Sunday, July 15, 2012

Permaculture & DIY City Farming - Patio, Backyard, Roof & Walls

Over the past thirty years we've accumulated much hands-on experience with growing food, flowers, fiber and medicinal plants in the Urban Core.

City Farmed Permaculture Eggplant
Many approaches we tried turned out to be les than optimal.  However we considered even the failures to be successes for we knowing what doesn't work is just as important as knowing what does work.

City Farmed Permaculture Bell Peppers
City farming can occur anywhere where sunlight is available.

Of course, rain or condensate helps.  But we've successfully grown plants and seen plants grow in the most harshest of places, without soil and without additional irrigation.
City Farmed Permaculture Oranges
Growing lightweight food gardens on roofs has taught that even without massive roofing supports and even in cyclone prone areas, beans, tomatoes, herbs and greens can be grown.

Living walls can shade windows, provide habitat for wildlife, produce food, gourds and sponges.
City Farmed Permaculture Cilabtro
Patio space may be utilized to create highly efficient food gardens in self-watering containers.

Hens, geese, ducks, turkeys and rabbits all have a place on the Urban Farm.
City Farmed Permaculture Chives
Learn about rooftop gardening, how to build a low cost, highly effective chicken coop or seed starting greenhouse.

Understand biodiversity principles of plant selection.

Urban Farming - our best dreams and worse nightmares.

Know what you are geting into before the adventure of your life!

You can read the details in our approximately two hundred page City Farming book available on Amazon Kindle!

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