Monday, August 26, 2013

Fasting, Cardiovascular Issues and Marfan Syndrome

Quite excited about the four day get back to nature fast I am on. 

Kevin Songer's Marfan Life Challenges
Follow my diet journal here on the blog under the diet tab.  Trying to stick to juiced or raw vegetables and fruits.  After Day One so far so good.

Even with all the meds I felt no additional dizziness, blood pressure or blood sugar issues.  In fact yesterday afternoon I had so much more energy that I spent additional time doing my physical therapy in the pool. 

My blood pressure had dropped about ten points both systolic and diastolic  - and this is OK for me because of my dissected descending aorta.

I will do an in-depth post towards the end of the week, but so far so good!

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Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about all that you have had to go through. On the bright side, its great to see that you are making the most of your situation and trying to help others going through similar! Best of luck to you and god bless!