Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marfan Pain. One Simple Cost Effective Solution.

Connective tissue disorders (CTDs) such as Marfan Syndrome, Ehlers Danos Syndrome and others all have one thing in common.  Pain.

Rice Sock Heating Therapy works as well if not better than any heating pad.

Many times the pain is chronic and intense.  Other times the pain may be moderate. But in most cases, torn and ripped connective tissue hurts bad.

Pain killers are certainly one answer, but in my search for sustainable health I would prefer pain relief with less of an impact on my kidneys and liver than pharmaceuticals.

So that is why I am so enthralled with Judy's rice sock, a cost-effective simple pain relief therapy.
Rice Socks are simple and cost effective - all you need is rice and a sock
Over the past week I've experienced really terrible hurt in my ankles, wrists and right shoulder, not to mention a trip to the emergency room with a huge kidney stone(s).  Tonight the cumulative pain had me running for the bathtub and hot water.

Heat helps me deal with the pain.  Heat also moderates inflammation, a very important benefit since inflammation of any type in my body is not good for my compromised cardiovascular system.

A helpful hint here is that if something ever turns into doubling over, unbearable pain and even narcotics don't begin to touch the agony (like my experience tonight), then find the hot!  A scalding bath is first choice for me followed by a heating pad or the rice sock.

Judy's rice sock is so handy because you don't need a tub and a rice sock is less expensive than a heating pad.  Moreover, sometimes when pain strikes in the middle of the night and stores are closed, most people have both rice and a sock (that is all you need).
Rice socks can be wrapped over any painful muscle or joint.

The key to making a great rice sock is finding a thick, long white cotton sock.  I prefer an unused sock but an old sock can work if it has been washed in wonderful scented detergent such as Tide Ocean Mist (beats the smell of WalMart new).

Fill said sock with rice leaving enough room to tie a knot in the sock top.  Any rice will work.  Jasmine or a long grain rice will produce an especially comfortable rice sock.  Once the sock is tied you have one of the most awesome pain relief therapies ever invented.

Though my wife Judy introduced me to the rice sock there are numerous DIY sites across the web.  Google 'Rice Sock' and check out all the amazing testimonies.  I've read of people using the rice sock for pregnancy pain or even to place over the face at night as a warm eye pillow.

With rice sock complete, head to the microwave.  Some people prefer to warm their rice sock in the oven but I like the microwave because it is so quick.  Just don't try and heat the rice sock in a pan of boiling water or you may end up with a huge mushy mess.

I heat our rice sock for two minutes on medium heat.  The rice sock will be HOT when the two minutes are up so be careful to pick up the improvised heating pad by the knot end.  Place the hot sock carefully where your pain is located.  Heat lasts for about twenty minutes or so.

Relief for me is almost immediate.  They are totally reusable too.  Just keep the rice sock dry.

Funny how it is not until my mid-fifties before I find out all these neat and handy life help hints.  Anyway I am so glad Judy made us one.  Hope you find the rice sock helpful for your pain and be sure to pass along the suggestion!

Whoops.  There goes the microwave bell.  Mine is hot.  I think I'll make another so we can have two.  Or maybe three.

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