Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making More Healthy Coffee in a Sustainable Manner for Heart and Cardiovascular Health

I love good coffee.  One of first things I wanted after my aorta replacement surgery was a cup of coffee.
French Press made coffee has replaced our drip maker for health reasons
But I detest coffee made in the drip maker.  The product tastes like what I would suppose plastic and petrochemicals taste like.  Blah!

Furthermore, there are quite a few articles out there pointing out just how dangerous chemicals that leach from plastic may be, and the harm to our bodies (and cardiovascular system) that hot water carrying those leached compounds from the drip maker can cause.  Yuck! 

Moreover, it is possible that we are poisoning ourselves by using drip coffee makers.  There are many petrochemical related compounds, mold release agents, stabilizers and other substances that may be found in plastics.    Over time the hot water running through a drip coffee maker with plastic parts may leach out chemicals that should not be in our bodies.   For more information on plastics and chemical leaching check out the link here to an good NPR news article.

Fortunately we found a coffee press system that is stainless steel and glass.  The Mr. Coffee Press makes the best coffee I have had in a long time.  A coffee press without plastic is a great way for anyone to live a 'greener' and more sustainable life!

Stainless and glass instead of mostly plastic
And I am not worrying as much now about drinking leached plastic compounds every morning.  Less worry means less stress on my bionic heart and this is good news. 

So for those of you who are unfamiliar with this simple coffee system, here is a quick look at the way I make coffee in the morning now.

First heat water in a teapot, preferably filtered water.  Second grind your favorite whole beans into whatever grind size you like.  I prefer strong bold coffee so my grounds are relatively fine.
Heart Health and Coffee - Fresh Roasted Beans
Then pour your ground coffee into the bottom of your coffee press.
Heart Health and Coffee - Freshly Ground Beans
Add hot water.  I like mine about 160F, but I've found that as long as the water is steaming it should be hot enough.  Do not bring your water to a hard boil.  Experimenting around with different water temperatures will allow you to choose just how hot you want your brewing coffee to be.  Some mornings I just listen for the teapot to start making its grumbling noises and I then know the water is ready. 
Heart Health and Coffee - Fresh Brew
Let the coffee brew for about three minutes.  Add the plunger lid and gently press down.
Heart Health and Coffee - Pressing the Brew
You will be totally amazed at how delicious your coffee tastes! Sustainability and health go hand in hand.  Removing plastic drip coffee makers from our lives is a good start to better heart and cardiovascular health.


Finn Felton said...

It is advisable that you must avoid coffee if you are suffering frm high blood pressure as it may pressurize your heart.

Finn Felton

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healthy lifestyle can lead to a significantly longer life.All the contents you provide in post is too informative and useful.

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