Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ditching Most Processed Foods From My Marfan and Post-Dissection Life

Recently I have embarked on a Paleo Diet adventure.

Yummy ice cold watermelon!  Ditching processed foods forever!
It is June 1st today.  I have fallen love in with the Paleo Diet, finding more satisfaction and fullness in this approach to eating than in ANY other food pattern I have encountered.  First, let me say my definition of Paleo may be different than others.  From what I understand, the Paleo Diet mimics what our nomadic ancestors would have eaten.  Though this sounds complicated it is not.  Just eat non-processed food.  Today I have eliminated any food that for the most part does not look like its original form.  I have seen my energy levels soar, my blood pressure drop and my weight peel off.

Of course I have my cheats, such as when company arrives and we go out to eat.  Even then though I stay away from highly processed substances, especially sugars, wheats, corn, beans and dairy.

I am eating more now; lots and lots of healthy foods.

Here is my typical Paleo food day.  I am not a purist Paleo, just trying to stay away from most processed foods.
  1. Breakfast - 2 cups coffee & green tea, 2 eggs (boiled, scrambled in butter or over medium), 4 slices of bacon, and a piece of fruit
  2. Lunch - one avocado, one tomato, handful or almonds or several small sardines
  3. Dinner - grilled salmon with garlic, kale, onions, rosemary, turmeric, and green peppers
  4. Water - 2 liters
  5. Snacks - couple handful of almonds, cashews or walnuts
Compare this to my old eating approach typically represented by a day such as;
  1. Breakfast - 2 dried dates, small bowl of black eye peas and small piece of baked chicken breast
  2. Lunch - 2 veggie burger patties & small bowl sauteed garden veggies in EVOO
  3. Dinner - 2 small bowls black eye peas
  4. Snack - couple handfuls of salty Lays potato chips (I know....) & 1/4 cup walnuts, couple of Nori wrapped garlic clove
Do you see the big difference?

I am staying away from high carb, processed corn and wheat products.  I am eating ocean fresh fish, grass fed beef and high quality fruits and vegetables.

Today I checked in at 175 lbs on the bathroom scale.  That is down 11 pounds in two months and 65 pound since my second open heart surgery.  And I am not hungry anymore.

Remember, always check with your doctor before changing your diet!

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