Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Dissected Aorta Loves A Dollar

A most wonderful dollar bill exchanged its existence in my wallet for a pill case.  Greater love for me hath no other dollar.
Medication Organizers are inexpensive but so helpful!
 Finally, I purchased a weekly pill organizer from the Dollar Tree for, yes you guessed it, for that folded one dollar greenback.

And it has so helped with my stress levels and panic episodes.  I should have listened to others and bought one sooner.  But I usually have to learn the hard way.  Sometimes I wonder just what I could have accomplished in life if I had really listened to others, learning from their similar experiences.

But no, I have never much listened.  I have been destined to repeat that which I could have avoided.  Perhaps though learning by experience is part of the human curricula. I know learning the hard way is the path I usually take.  Yes, I kinda enjoy experiencing the challenges for myself.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have wondered and worried, before I spent this dollar.  Did I take my medicines?  Oh oh, I can not remember if I did but it looks like there are fewer pills in my pill bottles.  Frequent episodes like these always sent adrenaline surging through my cardiovascular system.  Not a good thing for those of us living with a dissected aorta.  Especially when there are so many, so very many pills to swallow.

Medication Memory Issues Resolved! #Marfan Syndrome
Hallelujah! Now with my one dollar pill organizer I feel like all the things falling apart from my connective tissue disorder issues might just start slowly become put back together.  No, the plastic box won't heal my root to foot dissected aorta but it might mitigate heart seizing surges from wondering if I've swallowed the colorful tabs or not, and that might prevent a stress-related cardiovascular incident.

That spent George Washington grew so big in size, and in my mind is now more like a security blanket rather than a small folded piece of paper now in a who knows where cash register drawer, purse or wallet.

I should have listened and bought one several years ago.

Maybe I was waiting for just the right dollar bill to spend.  They say we shouldn't love money.  Where ever you are George, I love you….

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