Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cold Weather, Aortic Dissection, Strokes and Ischemic Events

Cold weather is hard on my heart.  In addition to Raynaud's Syndrome I just do not like being cold.  Growing up in South Florida I have always craved warmth and bright sunlight.

This week the arctic blast came through.  My periphery circulation constricts and my heart goes wild trying to pump enough blood to my ice cold finger and toes.  My pulse has doubled over the last week from an average of 45 bpm to well over 100 now.  I have doubled up on my Losartan dosage with my cardiologist's permission.  The increase in Losartan helped last winter.

Some web resources indicate more strokes and ischemic events occur during the cold weather.  Unfortunately, even aortic dissections seem to be more prevalent during cold weather.

Right now I have a hot cup of green tea in my hand while I 'peck' the computer keyboard with my left hand.  Gloves work too.

Stay warm this winter season!

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