Friday, November 14, 2014

No more Florida Green Roofs - least by me anyway. #Marfan Syndrome #Aortic Dissection

I am dying - I guess we all are - but my dissected aorta is very difficult to live with.
Kevin's dissected aorta.
And so I am no longer able to pursue my passion of green roofs.  Jimmy Sterling with Sterling Roofing will be the person to talk to if you are interested in a green roof in Florida.  Jimmy's website is here.

This hurts me so bad.  In many ways.  Peace.


Ellie In The Garden said...

Words are not adequate - prayers are on the winds.

Unknown said...

I need a new roof because my current one is falling into disrepair. Over the years I have gone "green" with my energy saving efforts. With a new roof I want to continue that effort. What is a common roof material that promotes a green world?

Unknown said...

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Sheri K said...

Kevin - I found your blog after reading your article on Native Plants. I will go outside today and examine my weeds just starting to break dormancy here in Northern Idaho in your honor!