Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bidens Beggar Tick Mandala, Gíclee on Gloss Aluminum Plate, 16" Diameter

Bidens alba is one of those native wildflowers you see every day, or at least I do. In my opinion,
Bidens Mandala by Kevin Songer - Nature & Wildflower Mandalas

Bidens is one of the most important pollinator plants in Florida and across much of the nation. When most other wildflowers are dormant due to drought, floods, cold or heat, Bidens can usually be found blooming somewhere in the neighborhood.

 During most of the year Bidens can be found bluing at the seashore, along the edges of ponds and marshes, in creeks, across sandy vacant lots and even in the gutters of buildings!

The Bidens mandala contains three of my favorite Bidens species; Bidens alba (white), Bidens laevis (usually found growing in wet ditches), and Bidens mitis (little yellow blooms filling marshes and creeks).

The mandala is created on gloss plate aluminum and each is numbered and signed as a limited production print of 250 total.

Enjoy Florida wildflowers in your own home with one of Kevin's wildflower mandalas!

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