Monday, February 8, 2016

Dune Endangered Species - Seagrapes on the Seashell Seashore Gíclee on Canvas 30" x 40"

Amazing mixed media design gloss Gíclee on Canvas on a very large 30" x 40" cafe mounted canvas 1.5" width wooden frame.

Seagrapes on the Seashell Seashore
Kevin's design of the living seashore includes native sea grapes, Coccoloba uvifera; the endangered important dune plant sea oats, Uniola paniculata; the beach fiddler crab, Uca spp.; endangered Sanibel rice rat mouse (can you find her?), Oryzomys palustris; the agile shorebird snowy egret, Egretta thula, colorful sea urchins, Arbacia punctulata; the proverbial and much beloved slender sea stars; Luidia clathrata, the cloudless sulfur butterfly, Phoebis sennae and more.

Beach shells include the giant cockle shell, Dinocardium rosbustum; the beautifully spotted junonia, Scaphella junonia; large and magnificent lightning whelks, Busycon contrarium; Lytechinus variegates;   color filled scallops, Argopecten irradians; luminescent pen shells, Atrina seminude; and so much more!

Bring the Sanibel and Gulf Coast seashore into your home or office year around.

The canvas is part of a 250 unit limited production run also available on floating aluminum.  Smaller sizes are available.  Please email Kevin, for the prices on aluminum and for prices of the smaller canvas works.

Each  30" x 40" gloss canvas Gíclee Seagrapes on the Seashell Seashore art piece is signed and numbered by Kevin and may be ordered for $600.00.

Thank you for your order!

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