Sunday, March 6, 2016

Florida Nature Art, Mandala Elderberry, Sambucus nigra and Purple Hairstreak Butterfly, Altides halesus

Elderberry is a magnificent native wildflower and fruit bearing plant, cherished by humans and wildlife alike.
Elderberry and Purple Hairstreak Mandala by Kevin Shea

Flower and Berry Detail
Great purple hairstreak butterfly can often be seen foraging across elderberry flowers in parts of Florida and across the nation.

I like to think elderberry makes a great urban landscape planting.  She is drought tolerant, grows quickly, provides good screen coverage with her foliage and attracts birds and pollinators.

Elderberry fruit makes delicious jam, jelly and of course is renown for our ancestor's elderberry wine.

The purples and greens in this mandala take me to those hot summer Florida afternoons where the mockingbirds are calling and sweet, cold ice tea is in my cup.

I love this Florida nature mandala.

15" diameter gíclee on aluminum plate with hangers, numbered and signed limited edition print.  For inquiries contact the artist

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