Friday, March 11, 2016

Florida Nature Art, Mandala Monarch, Danaus plexippus and Milkweed, Asclepias tuberosa

Mandalas are awesome, the circular nature and abstract content layout actually open my mind to new universes of awareness.

Mandala Milkweed and the Monarch by Kevin Shea
Monarch butterfly's beauty invites my mind to travel deep into the universe.  Intricacies finer than cut gemstones reflect and diffuse sunlight into amazing hues of orange and burnt sienna.  Nature is amazing.

Monarch butterfly's larval food of choice is butterflyweed or orange milkweed.  Orange milkweed is a magnificent native plant here in Florida and across many  portions of North America.  Drought tolerant, milkweed takes sand or dirt and a minimal amount of water and produces stunning, bright orange terminal flower clusters.

Mandala monarch and milkweed was a challenge to turn into art.  The brilliant orange colors of both the monarch butterfly and the orange milkweed are unusual in nature and were difficult for me to integrate into an overall color scheme my eyes could accept.

I spent hours outdoors studying habitat and both the native plant's leaves and flowers as well as the monarch larvae and adult butterfly.

Mandala Monarch takes me up and away high into the sky.  I am ready for the migration voyage across the Gulf of Mexico to great oyamel firs found within mountain valleys of Michoacan Mexico.

We live within the midst of amazing, infinite nature.

Travel there with the Monarch and Milkweed mandala.  15" diameter Gíclee on aluminum plate with hanging rack attached to rear, signed and numbered limited edition print.  Inquires may be directed to

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