Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Healing Journey, A Metamorphosis

Welcome to my healing blog.  I'm sharing here the life and personal health management hacks that helped me move from serious chronic health issues to a happy and fulfilling life.
Walking has been key to my daily metamorphosis journey from #Chronic life to #Health.  Today I'm hiking Johnson Beach sand dunes.

Baby steps, fresh air and fresh local food were key to my health metamorphosis.

I'll try and post daily and we all know how intentions go, but I will try.

To start here is a glimpse of my daily distractions, self-medications, healing modalities or anything we wish to call what works.  I've found more healing tips from others who've shared the chronic illness path than from all my doctors combined (not discounting all the good my doctors have done for me too).

First, just really briefly, I'm not supposed to be alive.  My ex-cardiothoracic surgeon reminded me of this on a recent visit.  I ignored her for the most part.  Anyway I've survived a massive aortic dissection and subsequent heart infection.  Bionic body parts are embedded inside.  My leg bears the large scar of melanoma surgery and my stomach is rift with incision marks from my colon removal.  I know PTSD and depression.  I know fatigue.

But there is something better out there and good life does not have to be a result of hard work outs from the gym.

I've enjoyed my journey of health metamorphosis.  Life is a journey for sure, ever changing.

So stick around and even subscribe!  I'll be sharing those health hacks that work for me and even those hacks that don't work as effectively.

Here are some of my enjoyable happenings from today.
#Art #Therapy has been an important part of my chronic illness recovery.  This particular piece is torch over pallet wood with oil pigment - a homeless vet whose caregiver is jumping the train, leaving, from caregiver burnout

I dropped off an art piece at a local gallery about a wheelchair bound disabled vet whose caregiver friend is jumping the train to leave (caregiver burnout is hard 'not-lol').  The art is torch over pallet wood glued together with oil pigment and the piece was juried into the show!  Yaaaay.  I'm always uplifted mood-wise when an art piece is juried into a show.

Later I hiked the Johnson Beach sand dunes boardwalk.  Walking has been the number one low impact health management tool I rely on.  After my second open-heart surgery I started off with three or four steps, adding a couple steps a day.  It all adds up.
Fresh salad from our homegrown veggies - Eating healthy, local, organic foods has really had a positive impact on my health

Roasted garden veggies for #cardiovascular & #gallbladder health

#Heart healthy backyard pear tree fruit sautéed in ghee - yummy desert!

Slow, local food is another amazing metamorphosis tool we've discovered.  Most of our summer meals come from our front and side yard gardens.  Here is a fresh salad Judy made, and grilled veggies too.

So stick around. There is lots more to share about leaving the realm of chronic illness darkness and journey back into a happy, fulfilled life.

Cheers!  Kevin.

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