Thursday, December 27, 2018

#Aortic Dissection Diet - Healing My Aorta Wall, Quinoa Tuna Burgers

Kevin's Quinoa-Tuna Burgers.
Aortic Dissection focused diet has provided me an opportunity to explore new food combinations.  These quinoa-tuna patties are full of nutrients & protein. (Mustard makes an excellent condiment).

Just like anyone else, an aortic dissection survivor needs protein to stay healthy.

Most of our meals are whole food, slow cooked veggie based dishes.   Albeit a much slower but still active dissection life day can sometimes leave me with a hearty appetite.

So I've been making these Quinoa-Tuna burgers for some time now.  They are fast, easy made from just a few ingredients, healthy and delicious.
Aorta healthy quinoa tuna burgers are easy to make, grill & delicious to eat.  They are good hot or cold!

For starters quinoa is generally considered to be a seed and not a grain and reportedly contains most if not all essential amino acids our bodies require.

Quinoa is a solid protein food and muscle builder.  Fiber is another important digestive benefit we receive from quinoa.
Quinoa is available in white or darker colors.  Here I am using organic red quinoa for my #Aorta healthy quinoa-tuna burgers.

And I love seafood.  Although small fish such as herring are my usual fare, tuna is a once every two week treat.  Fresh tuna is always best but if not available then a quality canned or jar supply of the fish will work.

Pasture raised organic eggs add to the nutrients and protein scorecard.

Between the tuna, quinoa and eggs one average sized Quinoa-Tuna Burger will provide approximately 15 grams of protein.  I can easily eat two, sometimes three.  So there is most of my protein requirement for the day.

Here is how I make these mild seafood patties:

1. Chop/dice one medium size onion & add to mixing bowl.
2. Fine grind one cup of quinoa in coffee grinder and add to mixing bowl.
Quinoa is one of my go to #Aorta healthy foods

3. Open two cans of tuna, drain & add to mixing bowl.
4. Add three organic eggs to the other ingredients and mix until well blended.
We always try & use pasture raised hen eggs to receive the maximum #aortic nutrient benefits from eggs.

5. Place parchment paper on baking sheet.
I drizzle a little organic EVOO over the #Aorta healthy patties

6. Shape burger mix into pattie size burgers (slider size works too) and place on parchment paper.
7. Cook on BBQ grill, med-high (425F) until crispy on both sides.
Delicious Aorta healthy diet variety is easy to mix & grill with these quinoa-tuna burgers.

You can serve these Quinoa-Tuna burgers fresh up or sandwiched in between two slices of a  healthy bread with fresh veggies.

Great way for me to get my fill of 'solid-hearty' food when normally eating my simple vegetable-based diet.

I've definitely seen health benefits from my whole-real, home-cooked diet.  My last HDL/LDL blood work ratio scored in the 'extremely healthy' range.

Enjoy!  Kevin

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