Thursday, September 4, 2008

Build the Green Roof and the Wildlife will come...

It has been truly amazing to watch what the restoration of vertical green to the urban core will do for wildlife. On one project, a residence in the city overwhelmed with impervious areas, a little horizontal green but no vertical green, we saw a remarked reemergence of wildlife once vertical green was established.

Reestablishment of vertical green is a great example of Biomimicry. By creating living walls and green roofs we attempt to mimic the original, native volumetric green that existed before the cities existed.

Small wildlife, such as anoles and frogs require green between three and six feet off the ground (at least) to survive - providing escape from predators. Four and one half feet above ground elevation is the 'magic' number according to much of the research we came across.

Once the living walls were in place the anoles and tree frogs arrived in mass, reducing the house fly, ant, roach and termite populations. Soon we note an increase in blackracers - feeding on the tree frogs and picking up any stray mice around. Soon we noted more frequent visits from owls, hawks, other raptors and even an eagle - feeding on the racers and other beneficial snakes.

Vertical green is essential for bringing wildlife back to the Urban Core.

Build it and they will come!

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