Friday, September 12, 2008

Florida Green Roofs, LC-50, FDEP, Anoles and Other Urban Wildlife

The team was in Barnes and Nobles Bookstore yesterday and I came across an interesting book on Florida Anoles. Several illustrations immediately caught my eye - especially the one where the author had delineated the typical habitat for the Cuban anole and then had illustrated the same for the native Florid anole.

The Cuban anole (the larger brown anoles you probably most often see) need vertical green from the ground up to about four feet. Our native Florida anole likes vertical green up to fifteen or so feet high. Florida green roofs can serve to provide habitat that would otherwise be considered rare in the urban core - and help the survival chances of the Florida anole.

It is critical to examine carefully, all the components that go on a green roof - the liner, mat or container and especially the plants and planting medium to make sure there is no toxicity passed into the stormwater once installed. LC-50 toxicity testing should be a part of any green roofing standard due diligence.

I heard recently that FDEP may be requiring LC-50 testing in conjunction with their new 2009 Stormwater rules based on TMDL's and BMP's...

Good Green Roofing to all!

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